The Perfect Cast-Iron Filet Mignon

The Perfect Cast Iron Filet Mignon

2 - 7 oz. trimmed and cleaned center cut filets
2 Tbs VI sea salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
2-3 Tbs of good unsalted butter (Plugra, Kerrygold, Vermont Creamery etc.)
2-3 Sprigs each of fresh rosemary and Thyme (the more the merrier)

MOP - Method of Preparation:

  • Remove steaks from refrigerator and sprinkle with VI sea salt; let stand covered at room temperature for 20-25 minutes. This allows the steaks to cook evenly from edge to center.
  • Preheat your well seasoned cast-iron skillet over high heat until extremely hot, 3-4 minutes. Place steak into skillet and sear without moving for 1 minute; flip and sear 1 minutes on other side without moving. Sear all edges and sides until golden brown. Reduce heat and add 2-3 tablespoons of butter, fresh rosemary and thyme. Begin basting or spooning steak with melted butter and herbs, constantly rotating and basting until steak is cooked to your desired temperature. Remove steak from the cast iron pan and let rest for 5 minutes, the steak will carry over about 8-10 degrees while resting so when pulled out of pan and checked with a thermometer. The internal temperature should read as follows.
  • (Thermometer should read 115° for rare, 125° for medium rare, 130° for medium, 135° for medium well; well done can be substituted with ground beef)
  • While steak is resting flip it about every minute to allow the juices to flow evenly through the meat and allow the carry over heat to be evenly distributed.

After 5 minutes of rest, serve with a few spoonfuls of the remaining cast iron herbed brown butter, a few healthy pinches of VI sea salt and some fresh cracked black pepper.